Shena Tschofen is a Montreal-based circus artist and musician.

Shena studied dance at the University of Minnesota before moving to Montreal to attend the National Circus School (NCS). At the NCS, she specialized in cyr wheel and developed acrobatic/dance lasso as a unique sub-specialty. Upon graduating in 2016, she was selected for the creation of Cirque Éloize’s Saloon. The production allowed her to combine her acrobatic and musical talents in the acclaimed, fast-paced, contemporary circus comedy. For the past two years, she has toured extensively with the showperforming over 200 shows in 12 countries…and counting.

Always at home with a violin in hand, Shena was classically trained and now focuses primarily on folk music, with extensive knowledge in the Irish tradition. In additional to fiddling in Saloon, Shena sings and adds to the vocal harmonies throughout the show. She occasionally composes her own tunes and enjoys playing in a variety of styles.

… my star award goes to the ebullient Tschofen who not only plays the fiddle so well and so exuberantly, but also gave one of the best (and most varied) Cyr wheel routines that I have yet seen. – DanceTabs

Some very masterful movement from Shena Tschofen, in full control of a Cyr wheel (named for Daniel Cyr, co-founder of Cirque Éloize), proved to be the stand-out scene for me. – London Theater 1

Particular highlights were the mind-boggling cyr wheel spinning of Shena Tschofen (the weight placement looked like it should have been all wrong but she simply defied gravity)… – Dancing Review

Shena Tschofen, specializing in [Cyr wheel] and aerial equilibristics, also plays so furiously on the violin that one almost finds it unfair for one individual to have so much talent. – SüddeutscheZeitung

There is a fluidity and grace to Shena’s movements. She twirls with a mesmerizing ease… – Entertaining Options

The Cyr Wheel …manipulating it to her every whim was Shena Tschofen, inside and out … poetry in motion. – The Live Review, London

Rare and beautiful numbers emerge from this presentation [Colibri], notably that of Shena Tschofen, who flutters like a hummingbird suspended in flight… – Le Devoir

Special mention to Shena Tschofen who shines with her versatility and talent… – ARP.MEDIA