Shena Tschofen is a multidisciplinary artist with a unique background that expresses itself through circus, dance, music, and photography.

A Minneapolis, Minnesota native, she spent seven years in a self-directed school environment, which established her ability to create and sustain her own experimental work and finished products. She then attended an arts high school, where she discovered a passion for dance, choreography, and photography.

Shena studied dance at the University of Minnesota before moving to Montreal to attend the National Circus School (NCS). Her previous circus training began at the age of 6 and encompassed both solo and partner-based work in many disciplines. At the NCS, she specialized in cyr wheel and developed acrobatic/dance lasso as a unique sub-specialty. She graduated in 2016.

Complementing her circus and dance background, Shena has studied classical violin and traditional fiddle music for over fifteen years. Additionally, her photography features acrobats in motion and creative conceptual imagery. Her work can be found illustrating websites and in print material around the world.

In her free time, Shena often can be found outdoors in the North Woods of Minnesota and the Austrian Alps. She also enjoys knitting socks and hunting for wild berries.